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Willamette Valley, Oregon

Amycas is a delightful, crisp and floral blend of Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Muscat with good acidity and lovely aromatics. Smells like opening up an orange, with intense floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. Beautiful, bright citrus; lemon, tangerine, and nectarine. You can really smell the exotic tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit, papaya and lychee, brought to you from the Muscat and Gewurtztraminer, which also add a ginger like spice high note, like cinnamon sprinkled on apple sauce. Youthful and lively on the palate. An elegant blend where all components compliment each other creating a perfectly balanced final bottle of wine. Rich and juicy, amazing tension of sweet and sour, texturally plump, yet light on its feet with bouncy acidity. Bravo on a fantastic and hard to achieve cuvee. Drink this with a variety of Asian foods.

This wine pairs well with sweet & sour pork, crispy or steamed spring rolls, red curry chicken, pad thai, etc. The perception of sweetness, which is actually aromatics, would be a perfect compliment to exotic spices.

Blend: 44% Riesling, 21% Pinot Blanc, 15% Muscat, 10% Gewurztraminer, 10% Pinot Gris

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