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Bordeaux, France

First Growth Sauternes with 20+ years of age is one of those rare wine experiences that transport you to utopia: Guiraud’s mature, complex, honeyed nectar awakens the deepest, most profound emotions. This is the last bit of our direct-from-cellar inventory.

Guiraud is one of those impossible-to-describe wines of Sauternes: No matter how much one waxes lyrical about its intoxicating perfumes, intense richness, and minutes-long savory finish, it will always fall short of the actual experience. Château Guiraud is a bona fide master whose golden gems consistently jockey for the top position of First Growth Sauternes. So, when you can get your hands on a bottle with a massive chunk of age you’re in for one rare, ineffable treat—like this extraordinary 1998. Twenty-plus years of seamless, undisturbed integration from a great vintage and storied terroir has created a savory Sauternes that enchants the palate for minutes on end. This is the lush style we all love in Sauternes, but there is impressive finesse that only the greatest châteaux can achieve.

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