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Tokaj, Hungary

Hungary’s most famous wine, tokaji, is made in the north-east corner of the country in the region known as Tokaj. For centuries Tokaji was considered one of the world’s great wines. King Louis XIV of France famously pronounced it to be the “Wine of Kings, and King of Wines”.

To make the wine, the shriveled and botrytis-infected aszú grapes are made into either a base wine or an unfermented grape must. These grapes are kneaded into a paste and then soaked in the base wine or must. The taste and quality of Tokaji Aszú is greatly affected by the proportion of sugar-rich aszú paste added to the must or the new wine. Finally, the wine is transferred to barrels and matured. Tokaji Aszú wine can take up to seven years to mature, after which it retains its flavour for a long time. The former Fugger family wine cellars held aszú wines that were 100 years old.

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Hétszolo Tokaj 5 Puttonyos 2008 : Shiny golden colour, rich and oily texture. Fresh complex nose with apricots, citrus fruits and some melon accompanied by nuts. Rich, full bodied palate with dried fruits, walnut, followed by a hint of caramel and vanilla. The high sugar levels are balanced by the crisp acidity.

A classic companion of foie gras or even some spicy Asian food. Goes well with creamy, nutty or fruity desserts, blue cheese.

Vega Sicilia Oremus Mandolas Furmint 2017 : The Vega Sicilia domaine has stunning Hongrois domaine in the Tokaj region with the king of grape varieties, the Furmint, produces very great whites. Most people recognise the sweet Tokays but it is important not to miss out on the great Hungarian dry Tokays that are as good as the greatest white European wines. The nose of this wine is powerful and evolves significantly in the glass expressing subtle notes of dried fruit and toasted almonds. The second nose is more complex with toast and vanilla. The palate shows a great material with a persistent fully integrated mineral. The integration of the wood is just perfect. It would be a shame not to taste the products of Vaga Sicilia at this price!

Ladiva Dry Furmint Tokaj 2019 : Light and lively, this cuvée crafted from Furmint, a local varietal, presents a tonic attack preceding lemon notes and a saline touch. Perfect as an aperitif, for shellfish or to refresh your palate along fish or vegetable tempura.