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Piedmont, Italy

A decidedly unconventional producer, a Piedmontese with a great passion for the international wine scene, innovation combined with a great love for his terroir this is Giacolino Gillardi. We are in Farigliano where from the early 1980s we began to produce two different sweets but since Giacolino has always loved risk he decides to plant three different international vines: Syrah, Merlot and Grenache surprising everyone with the excellent quality and expressiveness of the wines. Since 2011 the family has started producing Barolo from a few tiny plots in the municipality of La Morra and Barolo.

Merlò was born in 2004, after the excellent results of Syrah, Giacolino decides to try it with Merlot to evaluate the potential of the great French vines on the Langa hills. Only 1000 bottles produced of a pleasantly expressive, soft, powerful and harmonious wine. A bottle to drink on special occasions!

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