Laguiole Champagne Saber

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The Champagne saber is a tradition going back to Napoleon’s army where young officers used to open Champagne bottles with the back of their sword to impress the ladies. Today, the tradition is kept alive by wine enthusiasts. The blade is dull and thick enough to allow using both sides (back or edge) of the saber to open the bottle.

How to saber a bottle of Champagne?
Simply hold the knife loosely, with your thumb well planted at the top of the junction between handle and blade. In a single smooth motion, slide the blade along the seam of the bottle until it strikes the neck. Any and all glass debris will be ejected by the pressurized content of the bottle.
Remember: the colder the bottle, the easier it is to saber. Make sure to test your technique in a safe environment first, always responsibly. There’s nothing wrong with practicing on a few bottles of Prosecco before beheading a good Champagne!

The best way to open a Champagne Bottle is to use a Laguiole Champagne Saber. For a very nice gift idea the saber is delivered in a oak wood box.

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