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Kentucky, USA

New Riff Distilling’s core Bourbon expression is a genuinely high-rye, full-bodied whiskey offering savory, spicy character, bottled at Barrel Proof without Chill Filtration. Featuring a mash bill of non-GMO grains at 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley, it represents a new riff on Kentucky’s most hallowed whiskey traditions. Aged four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels, there are no shortcuts taken in their production.

At New Riff, single barrel expressions are a way of life. As former Kentucky liquor retailers, they are intimately familiar with some of Kentucky’s most famed private barrel Bourbon selections ever, and they bring that experience to New Riff. Whether for trade or private clients, a New Riff Private Barrel selection offers an unparalleled experience. Each New Riff single barrel has been tasted and approved by their production panel. Their retail and on-premise partners then select each of their private barrels themselves. So, in the end, you can taste a New Riff Single Barrel knowing it was fully vetted and thoroughly tasted and approved.

Nose: Hazelnut, rye bread with Nutella, cask char, apricot, and peach.
Taste: Buttery biscuits, cinnamon, BBQ pineapple, Brazil nuts, clove, blackcurrant.
Finish: Another helping of cask char arrives on the finish, balanced by dates and macadamia nuts.

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