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Speyside, Scotland

The original Benrinnes distillery was destroyed in a flood in 1829 and a new distillery had to be built a few kilometers away. Since then the distillery has been refurbished following a fire in 1896 and rebuilt in 1956.

Nose: Lychees and passion fruit are immediately present followed by roasted coffee beans and rum-soaked star fruit. Then there are notes of cloudy apple juice and wood char in a massively more-ish aroma.

Palate: 85% cocoa dark chocolate and a wealth of stewing tropical fruit make themselves present at first along with a large helping of spice. When water is added burnt chocolate sponge cake and sweet sherry materializes.

Finish: The finish is ridiculously long with notes of bitter coffee and chocolate biscuits chased with clean, refreshing mint. With time burnt double-chocolate-chip cookie crumbs filter through.

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