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The Cellar



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Nose: Notes of juniper and heated coriander with cinnamon adding a light spicy twist. Fruity notes come though reminiscent of red berries and orange peel, and then, the floral bouquet. 

 Palate: An underlying earthiness with the juniper and coriander weaving their flavour and spice through the  floral botanicals of Red Rose Petal, Orris Root, Lavender and Elderflower. 

Finish: Blushes of lavender, violets and hints of blue iris perfume.

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The Cellar only ships in the province of Alberta. Recipients of orders must be over the age of 18 years old and must be able to provide proof of age on delivery. Two delivery attempts will be made before the item will be returned to the store for customer pick up. No returns will be accepted on failed deliveries.

We will attempt to make arrangements for an appropriate time for delivery so please be sure to include a phone # and or email address for all deliveries.

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