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Mellow Corn Whiskey

Mellow Corn Whiskey

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Nose:  A youthful corn-filled scent fully envelops my glass. Along with the corn, a healthy dose of vanilla, sweet plantains, and light oak are layered in. The slightest hint of ethanol is also present. The nose is far from impressive, and I would be shocked to think this is anything older than 2 years if I didn’t already know it to be 4 years old based on BiB label requirements.

Palate:   Corn, rich vanilla, dried banana chips, toasted oak, and mixed nuts are all present and easy to pick out thanks to a light mouthfeel. As the name suggests it is quite mellow, which is likely a result of the high corn mashbill combined with being aged in used Heaven Hill barrels. Despite the 100 proof, it’s quite manageable, which allows me to roll this around my mouth for a while trying to pick out flavours. 

Finish:   This uncomplicated finish consists of vanilla and corn as the predominate flavours, followed only by the slightest hint of fruit juice. The finish contains a small amount of heat up front, but it’s the corn aftertaste that continues to dance in my mouth for quite a while after each sip.

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