Bacchus Box: $99/month + GST

“If Bacchus ever had a color he could claim for his own, it should surely be the shade of tannin on drunken lips” Inspired by the God of Wine, Bacchus, the Bacchus box contains a curated selection of four bottles, usually one white, sparkling or rose and three reds.

The Barsenal Box: $99/month + GST

If you want to start building or level up your home bar with an Arsenal of spirits, liqueurs and bar tools we have you covered. The (B)arsenal Box contains what you need (excluding grocery items) to create our monthly cocktail feature and build your arsenal of bar tools & essentials.


Boxes are delivered on the 15th of every month (or the Friday before if falling on a weekend). Please dont forget to let us know if you need your delivery delayed or paused for any reason.

Subscriptions can be ongoing month to month or for a set duration.

To sign up please contact Susan via phone: (403) 503-0730 or email: